What History Forgot: 6,000,000 Jews Persecuted before WWII

The 6,000,000 figure is the greatest lingering piece of propaganda in modern history. As clear as day the figure of persecution can be found in countless newspapers before, during, and after the First Great War.

It wasn’t Germany doing the persecuting, keep in mind, it was Russia (a then ally during the First Great War). Here are some examples, courtesy of the Library of Congress:

The Kendrick Gazette, June 17, 1904.

Goodwin’s Weekly: A Thinking Paper for Thinking People, February 20, 1915.

The Tacoma Times, Feburary 28, 1916.

The Chattanooga News, June 18, 1920.

Naturally you must wonder why we do not train children in school systems about that facet of history. You must wonder why you were entirely oblivious to these facts.

You must wonder why we do not have a national memorial museum in D.C. dedicated to the previous 6,000,000’s that respectively remained stagnant at 6,000,000 for an unusually long amount of time, even though they were apparently being starved and expelled repeatedly, like clockwork.

You must wonder why we don’t see dozens upon dozens of Hollywood movies depicting that facet of forgotten history.

You must further ponder why there are no Orwellian laws restricting the Freedom of Speech when dealing with those pre-WWII persecutions.

Strange, isn’t it?


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